Stephen Gaskell

Stephen GaskellStephen Gaskell was born in Brighton, UK, the same year the Viking 2 spacecraft landed on Mars. Through his childhood he got very good at math and science, culminating in gaining entrance to University College, Oxford from where he graduated with a degree in Physics. Later, he discovered he preferred making stuff up to doing research and proving theorems, so he began writing. Sales to Writers of the Future Vol. XXIII, Nature, and Cosmos Magazine amongst others have convinced him he has some talent at this, but he’s still hedging his bets. To this end he has recently completed a Masters in Evolutionary and Adaptive Systems at Sussex University so that in the eventuality of a robot uprising he’ll be well placed to seek employment as a security specialist for our digital overlords.

More about his nefarious plans can be read at

This is a list of the works that were either workshopped or brainstormed at Villa Diodati and have since been sold or published.

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